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Monday, April 24, 2017

AI Driven Clothes Shopping

I think I have seen at least three recommender-engine driven apparel selection systems pitched to me, none have survived.  This is a tough sell.  Touch and 3D would help.  Another mirror like idea utilizing machine vision.   Will AI help this?  I do hope so, the fashion industry could also use the data involved, have seen that from students in my classes.  In Fastcompany, with considerable detail:

The Robots Are Coming For Your Wardrobe

The husband and wife duo behind Chennai-born AI startup Mad Street Den are determined to change the way you shop for clothes.    By Jackie Snow.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing just about every industry, with billions being poured into algorithms for everything from self-driving cars to detecting cancer to chatbots. Not so much fashion.

Mad Street Den, a three-year-old artificial intelligence startup founded by a husband and wife team in Chennai, India, is boldly going where few startups have gone before. The couple’s complementary career paths have helped. CEO Ashwini Asokan was previously with Intel Labs working on product design; her husband and CTO, Anand Chandrasekaran, is a neuroscientist who switched over to AI when he realized the technology wasn’t quite there yet to build silicon brains. ... " 

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