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Monday, April 17, 2017

Resolving Conflict in Self-Managed Teams

Further, perhaps more important, when should a team be self managed?   In the HBR:

How Self-Managed Teams Can Resolve Conflict   by Amit Maimon

In a traditional team structure, conflicts can be escalated to the boss to resolve. Can’t agree on how to prioritize projects, or on which deadlines need to shift? Ask the team leader to step in and make a call. Think a coworker is acting snarky, or that their work is too sloppy? Advise the manager to give them some feedback. But for flat or self-managed teams, that’s not an option. Self-managed teams must identify different ways to find and address day-to-day conflicts.

Self-managed teams can focus on three things to help them successfully resolve conflicts. (Traditionally hierarchical teams may benefit from them too.)   .... " 

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