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Friday, April 21, 2017

Google Home Recognizes Distinct Voices

A major issue with home assistants, that they cannot distinguish between members of a household, is being remedied this week.  The Google Home assistant, which I have had under test since its inception, can now distinguish up to 6 voices in a household, allowing for different profiles for individual household members.  Which should allow for different, tailored and more intelligent responses. Getting us closer to conversations.   And also be able to capture distinctive household member data.

  In our particular household, that has not been an issue.  Will be testing that.  How accurate? Enough for adult vs child?  Purchasing?  Secure answers?  The Amazon Echo or other assistants do not yet allow for this capability, but rumor is out that it is coming.

(Update) Easy enough to train it for your voice.  But you have to invite others to be trained, and they have to load up their own copy of the 'Google Home' App, to train themselves. .... (More to follow) 

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(Update) Technology review on the issues here.

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