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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Who is winning at Monetizing AI?

I basically agree, though IBM leads now at the enterprise level, though it is still early.  some supporting details at the link.   I would also not eliminate startups from outside the list.

The race to monetize artificial intelligence is on
Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most exciting technology trends in the market. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are actively leveraging A.I. as part of their technology stacks. However, in order to dominate the market, these vendors will need to monetize A.I. at a large scale. Who can win the early race to monetize A.I.?  .... 

Early rounds verdict: Google wins

The previous analysis clearly highlights the potential of Amazon, Facebook, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and Google to monetize A.I.. However, we think in the short term Google has a bit of an edge and more options to quickly monetize A.I. at scale. Here are a few points that might help to explain this forecast   .... "   (Details at the link)  ... " 

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