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Friday, March 31, 2017

Democratization of Machine Learning

This topic came up in the talk I gave on advances in AI and analytics yesterday.   Via Data science Central a white paper by IBM:

The Democratization of Machine Learning
Machine learning automates the development of analytic models that can learn and make predictions on data. It has been one of the fastest growing disciplines within the world of statistics and data science. However, the barrier to entry has been high, not only in cost, but also in the need for specialized talent.

In the past, data science professionals were intimidated by the words "algorithms" and "machine learning statistics". For many years, these capabilities were delegated to people with PhDs, but Apache Spark is changing the perception of these key functions and democratizing computer learning at the same time.

The demand for machine learning keeps growing. Download this complimentary white paper and learn how machine learning will both support and drive today’s data scientists and advanced analytics leaders to the future.

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