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Monday, March 13, 2017

Alexa and Cortana in the Office

In the WSJ.   How elements of Alexa and Cortana may be heading towards the office.   Thinking about this now in terms of how it connects business process and deeper computing technologies, like AI and analytics.  Article may require some sign-in.

Alexa and Cortana May Be Heading to the Office
Voice-activated assistants with artificial intelligence are moving from the home to the office By  Cat Zakrzewski

The next assistant in many offices could be named Alexa or Cortana.

In 2016, Silicon Valley obsessed over how text-based bots in apps like Slack could make employees more efficient, turning complicated tasks or forms into conversational texts. Now, following the success of Amazon Inc.’s Alexa and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Home, people in the technology industry are increasingly thinking about how such voice-activated devices can be made useful in the workplace.

The products aren’t quite ready for office prime time yet. The workplace offers challenges that experts say intelligent assistants built for home use so far haven't effectively met, mostly in the area of voice recognition.  .... " 

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