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Monday, March 27, 2017

Classic Analytics Compared to What is now called Data Science

I think I mentioned this before.  Quite useful for those who have been trained and practiced in past eras.   For those people this is a must read. To me it sometimes evokes the question:  Is there a difference?  And my answer is, often not.   But if rethinking the problem differently, integrating it with new kinds of data, or even surfing on the 'science'  hype gets it solved, that's all good.   Worth while piece that I mostly agree with:

16 analytic disciplines compared to data science   Posted by Vincent Granville 

What are the differences between data science, data mining, machine learning, statistics, operations research, and so on?

Here I compare several analytic disciplines that overlap, to explain the differences and common denominators. Sometimes differences exist for nothing else other than historical reasons. Sometimes the differences are real and subtle. I also provide typical job titles, types of analyses, and industries traditionally attached to each discipline. Underlined domains are main sub-domains. It would be great if someone can add an historical perspective to my article.   ..... " 

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