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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Robots for Commercial Spaces

Good overview look at applications and demand in IEEE Spectrum. Have had conversations with several players in the space.

 Why Indoor Robots for Commercial Spaces Are the Next Big Thing in Robotics By Travis Deyle
Companies developing indoor robots for commercial spaces include Cobalt, Aethon, Simbe, Savioke, Diligent Droids, and PAL Robotics. .... " 

" ... Venture funding for robotics has exploded by more than 10x over the last six years and shows no signs of stopping. Most of this investment has been focused on the usual suspects: logistics, warehouse automation, robot arms for manufacturing, healthcare and surgical robots, drones, agriculture, and autonomous cars. In this guest post, tech entrepreneur Travis Deyle, founder of security robot startup Cobalt, explains why he's betting on a new, emerging segment: autonomous indoor robots for commercial spaces. ... " 

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