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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Doing Machine Learning in Excel

Although we never recommended using Excel for things like this in the enterprise, it might be useful for someone who is already an Excel expert to get started in machine learning methods.  From DSC, nicely done.

Doing real machine learning using only the basics of Excel.    Posted by Vincent Granville
In this article, I present a few modern techniques that have been used in various business contexts, comparing performance with traditional methods. The advanced techniques in question are math-free, innovative, efficiently process large amounts of unstructured data, and are robust and scalable. Implementations in Python, R, Julia and Perl are provided, but here we focus on an Excel version that does not even require any Excel macros, coding, plug-ins, or anything other than the most basic version of Excel. It is actually easily implemented in standard, basic SQL too, and we invite  readers to work on an SQL version. ... " 

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