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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bots as the Next User Interface

Good thoughts on thinking of coneversation as iterface.   Is a challenge to do it well.   In Adage:

SXSW: 4 Best Practices to Make Bots the Next Big User Interface
By Nat Ives

People spend more and more time on their smartphones, but with such a limited set of apps that it's becoming harder and harder for newcomers to reach them.

Chatbots are the solution, two proponents told a crowded ballroom at SXSW on Saturday, day two of the conference. That's because they play out on one of the entrenched sets of apps that people already chronically use, they argued: messaging apps.

"We believe that conversations will become the new user interface," said Laura Newton, a product manager at the youth-oriented messaging app Kik.   .... "

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