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Monday, March 27, 2017

Marketing Led Growth

Article - McKinsey Quarterly - February 2017
The new battleground for marketing-led growth    By David Court, Dave Elzinga, Bo Finneman, and Jesko Perrey

" ... In the digital age, consumers are always shopping around. New research shows that hooking them early is the strongest path to growth. . ... Since 2009, McKinsey has studied the emergence of consumer decision journeys (CDJs)—the often irregular paths consumers take as they move from brand awareness through to purchase and loyalty—as a critical lever to driving top-line growth (Exhibit 1). Like the apparel company described above, many have responded to nonlinear consumer behavior by doubling down on customer-retention and loyalty programs. Selling more to consumers who are already buying seems a dependable, low-risk, and potentially quick way to boost sales growth. Recent research shows a 26 percent increase in loyalty-program memberships between 2013 and 2015.   ... " 

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