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Monday, March 27, 2017

Towards Machines that Improve with Experience

Consider that experience is different from learning.  It means that there is a structure that can embed learning and apply it to multiple contexts.

Toward Machines that Improve with Experience
New program seeks to develop the foundations for systems that might someday “learn” in much the way biological organisms do ...

Self-driving taxis. Cell phones that react appropriately to spoken requests. Computers that outcompete world-class chess and Go players. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming part and parcel of the technological landscape—not only in the civilian and commercial worlds but also within the Defense Department, where AI is finding application in such arenas as cybersecurity and dynamic logistics planning. .... 

But even the smartest of the current crop of AI systems can’t stack up against adaptive biological intelligence. These high-profile examples of AI all rely on clever programming and extensive training datasets—a framework referred to as Machine Learning (ML)—to accomplish seemingly intelligent tasks. Unless their programming or training sets have specifically accounted for a particular element, situation, or circumstance, these ML systems are stymied, unable to determine what to do. ... " 

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