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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Adobe Sees Hololens in Retail

Always looking for ways to augment experience, thus improve retail.   This experience can be that of the customer, the analyst or the designer of retail.  We used Adobe software for these kinds of experience understanding questions.  It is a natural fit.

Adobe puts the HoloLens to work in retail

An emerging technology group at Adobe has shown off a trio of retail enablement apps that use augmented reality to visualize analytics.
By Ross Rubin 

Over the past few years, Adobe has moved aggressively from a developer of creative applications to address business needs of its media-creating customers. The result has been the Adobe Experience Cloud, a roll-up of app suites designed to address marketing, advertising and analytics.

Those products, of course, are all available to Adobe's customers. But the company also has an internal group -- Adobe@Adobe -- charged with dog-fooding its own products as well as incubating new experiences.

The group has recently developed a trio of HoloLens demonstrations that show the kind of visualizations augmented reality can achieve in a retail setting.  .... " 

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