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Saturday, March 25, 2017

IBM on the Business of IOT Technology

From the recent conference.   IBM on the business of the internet of things.  Its cognitive and complex.   I would add to the below, that its about analytics designed to better understand this new wealth of data, and the algorithms that are ultimately derived.

" ... There are three critical elements to IBM’s investment, according to Harriet Green ... , general manager of IoT, commerce and education at IBM.

“The first, the whole proliferation of sensors … the amount of data and information being created is suited for Watson,” she said.

The second element is that IBM considers its clients’ data to be their DNA. “So people know that when you are doing IoT with IBM that a deep level of security is imbued within our capability,” she added.

Security and governance of data is the last element. “Those three elements,  I think of as fundamental, the cognitive, the protection of the data and who owns the data,” Green explained. ... " 

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