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Monday, March 06, 2017

Using the Perfect Office Surface

As part of our innovation spaces we worked with office furniture manufacturers to scope out the needs of the future office.  The question was always if there would be substantial offices in the future at all.   And can such offices significantly influence creativity?   Can the use of 'surfaces' in offices as displays and design spaces make a difference?    While augmented reality all these spaces to exist anywhere?   In Engadget:

Microsoft and Steelcase envision the perfect Surface office
They've unveiled five "Creative Spaces" with office furniture for Surface products.

Steve Dent, @stevetdent

With the Surface Book, Surface Studio and other products, Microsoft has managed to attract graphics pros, designers and engineers, many used to working with Apple products. It's now taking the next logical step by expanding into workspace lifestyle concepts via a partnership with Steelcase. The two companies have unveiled "Creative Spaces," which are office furniture layout concepts optimized to work with Surface products.

There are five sets of new products. The "Focus Studio," designed with Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 in mind, gives workers "alone time to focus and get into flow, while also allowing quick shifts to two-person collaboration." Meanwhile, the "Duo Studio" lets designers work in pairs or individually via a Surface Studio all-in-one. It also includes a lounge area for creative review with others on the giant-screened Surface Hub, an interactive white board.

The "Ideation Hub" is also a conference-style space that lets colleagues work on ideas in person or remotely on the Surface Hub. "Maker Commons" is aimed a rapid prototyping "hackathon"-style teams to "encourage quick switching between conversation, experimentation and concentration," using a mix of devices like the Surface Hub and Surface Pro laptops. Finally, the "Respite Room" is a fully private space that lets you relax and think.  .... " 

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