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Monday, March 06, 2017

3D Printing at Ford

This is taking 3D printing further than we imagined in the short term.   Can it be done in volume?

Ford tests 3D printer that can manufacture car parts of any size and shape   Aircraft maker Boeing is also testing the new 3D printer

Ford today said it will be the first automaker to test a new 3D printer that can build parts of unlimited size. The company is also testing the printer to make prototypes of one-piece auto parts that could be used in production of future vehicles.

The use of a 3D printer capable of manufacturing parts of unlimited size and shape "could be a breakthrough for vehicle manufacturing," the automaker stated in a news release.

Ford is testing the Stratasys Infinite-Build 3D printer, which was one of two new industrial machines announced last fall. The printer can also build objects using materials such as carbon fiber for lighter weight and stronger parts. .... " 

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