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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Towards an Assistant Powered Smart Home

It always struck me that the smart home would never build momentum unless it were professionally integrated into home building and renovation.    Smarthome enthusiasts are no enough.   Still looking for more powerful home oriented skills.   Finally some stronger evidence of this, the whole article.

" ... Building the Amazon Alexa-enabled home
CEDIA is the leading global authority in the growing $14 billion home technology industry, representing 3,700 member companies worldwide. It serves over 30,000 professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home. It was only natural Amazon’s Alexa and Echo devices should make a splash at the CEDIA 2016 show in September in Dallas, Texas.

With a call to Stovall’s booth fabrication partner in Chicago, Stovall and Thom Kephart, Senior Manager of Events with Alexa, developed a concept for Amazon’s Alexa-enabled home booth. The exhibit would take the form of a see-through house, with clear walls to keep the noisy trade show from interfering with Alexa’s voice recognition. The home would feature a kitchen and bedroom, two scenarios where voice control shines.

While most Alexa skills control an individual device or Smart Home group, Stovall wanted to control many types of devices with a single command. That’s where Control4 and Crestron systems, which Stovall uses in custom integration projects, came in. Systems like these communicate with devices on many protocols and frequencies, and whether the end devices themselves have Smart Home or custom Alexa skills or not. Further, integrators can define macros to perform sequences of many device controls at once.

And now, they can also communicate with Alexa. .... "   :

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