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Monday, February 27, 2017

Selfie Skin Analysis by Olay

An interesting advisor approach done by my former employer using advanced deep learning machine learning techniques.

" ... Procter & Gamble Co. today revealed the launch of a global web platform called the Olay Skin Advisor, which enables a woman to have a selfie analyzed via smartphone to determine the P&G products best suited to care for her face.

The Cincinnati-based consumer goods company (NYSE: PG) said the new Olay Skin Advisor platform, which has been piloted in the United States in beta form, is powered by artificial intelligence technologies.

The Skin Advisor provides a woman with precise, personalized skin education and product recommendations on any smartphone or tablet based on the photo submitted.

The goal is to help women better navigate what P&G described as the often-confusing beauty aisle at groceries or other stores. Buying decisions can be complicated because there are so many products from which to choose.  ... " 

We called this general idea 'virtual beauty'.  See tag below for previous work on that.

And more technical technical AI detail in this piece.

Site of Olay Skin Advisor.

More work on the concept of virtual beauty.

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