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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On the Future of TV

Walt Mossberg looks at the future of TV,   from cable driven to TV as an intelligent service  A thoughtful and frustrating view of progress.  I am ready to try something new here, my estimate is that 90% of what we are paying for we don't use.   So we are paying for infrastructure too, but there are better ways to do that as well.

Mossberg: TV is changing, but not fast enough
What I learned at Code Media    by Walt Mossberg@waltmossberg  ... "

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Can't wait. I have looked at the Caavo and it looked interesting. I am looking at the Harmony Hub by Logitech. The Harmony Hub is only $89.99 to $99.99 rather than the $400 that Caavo is listed at. Hmmm.... the future is right around the corner or maybe 15 years.