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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Big Data Results from Coke Freestyle

Now about eight years ago, we saw an early demonstration of Coke 'Free Style', a machine that would allow you to construct your own flavors.   Among millions of possibilities.  Late stage differentiation possibilities.  This kind of 'big data' could lead you to understand trends and directions, as well as pointers to supply chain needs driven directly by consumer choice. The machines are now fairly common, and their trove of data is being used.  But is this better than using the insight of human flavor research?   Focus groups?  Here some early, perhaps for now trivial, results:

Coke Let People Make Any Flavor They Want, The People Demanded Cherry Sprite  ... 
Thanks to new machines that let customers flavor their drinks however they want, Coca-Cola discovered that what people really wanted was Cherry Sprite. ....  "
by Venessa Wong in Buzzfeed

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