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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Danger of Devices like Alexa to Security

Have been a user and experimenter with Alexa, Google Home and Cortana since their introduction.   Been asked about privacy implications.  Agency thoughts were recently brought to my attention for assistants in generally.   Excerpt:

Just How Dangerous Is Alexa?

Shelly Palmer  CEO at The Palmer Group

" ... The Willing Suspension of Our Privacy

We apply similar concepts to our online lives. Most of us are willing to give up our data (location, viewing, purchasing or search history) for our online enjoyment. We can call this the “willing suspension of our privacy” because if you spent a moment to consider what your data was actually being used for, you would refuse to let it happen.

The Willing Suspension of Our Agency

Which brings us to the next level of insanity: the willing suspension of our agency for our own enjoyment. This is past the point of giving up a “reasonable amount” of data or privacy to optimize the capabilities of our digital assistants. Suspension of our agency exposes our normally unmonitored physical activity, innocent mumblings and sequestered conversations. Some people believe this is happening with Alexa, Google Home, Siri and other virtual assistant and IoT systems. It may well be. ....  "

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