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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Applying Design Thinking in the Organization

Good introduction to design thinking.  With pointers to lots of resources.

How to apply design thinking in your organization
Design thinking helps organizations grow, innovate, and improve financial performance.

By Jonathan Follett, Mary Treseler.   February 22, 2017

Design thinking is a process that uses design principles for solving complex problems. It helps organizations identify opportunities, unlock innovation, and improve their businesses.

Market leaders as varied as Apple, IBM, Intuit, Kaiser Permanente, and Nike have used design thinking to gain a competitive advantage, applying it to create innovative products and services. Within an organization, design thinking is a tool for unlocking cultural change. It makes companies more flexible, more responsive to their customers, and ultimately, more successful.

What are the elements of design thinking?

Although the name and number of its key principles may vary depending on how you apply them, the basic elements of design thinking always include some variation on the following: researching and defining the problem, ideating, and prototyping and iterating.  .... " 

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