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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cisco: How Digital is Disrupting Transportation

How Digital is Disrupting Transportation  (13 page PDF)

Context for report

Cisco developed this paper to create a starting point for discussions about the digitisation of transportation, and its downstream impact on cities, regions and economies. The report comprises a range of inputs, including discussions with global experts such as those who attended the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in October 2016, as well as contemporary research and insights. Cisco is a global technology company focused on helping organisations prepare for and respond to the impact of digital technologies. By investing in thought leadership, Cisco intends to contribute to the debate and potential solutions, rather than being a passive observer

Purpose of this report

Governments, institutions and companies are experiencing immense disruption. Business and engagement models are being transformed by rising citizen and customer expectations, and fueled by mass connectivity. The transportation sector is poised to move from `human scale’ to machine scale’,

creating a wave of innovation propelled by the ability of humans to connect to machines, or for machines to connect with other machines. The transportation industry is projected to experience more change than most sectors, in large part because it offers solutions to some of the world’s most acute challenges: environmental sustainability and rapid urbanisation.

Digital transportation solutions are forecast to improve safety, energy and operational efficiency, and performance in mass transit, rail, freight and logistics, aviation and road transit. The purpose of this report is to investigate emerging trends in transportation. It is intended to stimulate thought, provoke discussion and raise awareness of the opportunities presented by digital and how to capitalise on those opportunities. The report concludes with the role of digital infrastructure in creating a robust, secure and future-proofed platform for innovation. ... " 

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