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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Do Solution Order Analytics

When I first read the below I did not understand the '2nd order' aspects,  but then I thought, well yes .... it has to be applied.   Like that the application is considered.   But then should it not have been thought of in detail before doing the analytics?  So it is best applied?  Too often I see today the analytics are thrown out there,  and later its seen if they fit.  Lets model and understand the process,  do the right analytics, measure its value, and repeat to get more.    Is that 0-ith order?  Solution-order.  Lets do it.

In DatafloqMoving Beyond Predictions – Second Order Analytics
" ... Identifying The Action Is The Next Step ... 
Once I have a prediction, simulation, or forecast, the next step is to identify what action is required to realize the potential value uncovered. Let’s consider the example of using sensor data for predictive or condition-based maintenance. In this type of analysis, sensor data is captured and analyzed to identify when a problem for a piece of equipment is likely. For example, an increase in friction and temperature within a gear might point to the need to replace certain components before the entire assembly fails. ... " 

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