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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Video Pattern Magnification

Quite interesting, technical.

Eulerian Video Magnification and Analysis
By Neal Wadhwa, Hao-Yu Wu, Abe Davis, Michael Rubinstein, Eugene Shih, Gautham J. Mysore, Justin G. Chen, Oral Buyukozturk, John V. Guttag, William T. Freeman, Fr├ędo Durand 
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 60 No. 1, Pages 87-95 

The world is filled with important, but visually subtle signals. A person's pulse, the breathing of an infant, the sag and sway of a bridge—these all create visual patterns, which are too difficult to see with the naked eye. We present Eulerian Video Magnification, a computational technique for visualizing subtle color and motion variations in ordinary videos by making the variations larger. It is a microscope for small changes that are hard or impossible for us to see by ourselves. In addition, these small changes can be quantitatively analyzed and used to recover sounds from vibrations in distant objects, characterize material properties, and remotely measure a person's pulse.  ....  "

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