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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hayo: Augmented Reality in Smart Homes

Intriguing.  " ... Hayo transforms the objects and spaces around you into a set of magical remote controls. ... ".   They claim there is no shouting involved.  Gestural in your augmented space. Gestures can select, but how can they relate text efficiently?  How you set it up is revealing:

1 Scan Your Room
Place Hayo in a room where you would like to set up virtual controls. Hayo will then create a 3D image map of the room.

2 Create Virtual Remote Controls
Using Hayo’s augmented reality app, create virtual remote controls on top of objects or right in thin air. Then connect them to your favorite connected home platforms and products.

3 Start Using Hayo
Since Hayo is always sensing movement, start using the remote controls right away. ... 

Site is here, still in preorder stage.  Competing with Voice driven systems.

Video Demonstration.  Includes Sonos,  Nest, Wink, Amazon Dash and IFTTT as other connected platforms.

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