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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Apple, IBM and AI for the Enterprise

Following,  the details will be interesting, especially for enterprise applications.   Have seen relatively few AI driven applications in the enterprise.   As part of a team that looked at well focused and valued applications for an enterprise, they numbered few.   Now we need to see goal specific AI that not only provides measurable value, but also demonstrates the use of Watson driven AI for future work. Show it at work.    In CWorld: 

Expect more A.I. in Apple's iOS enterprise future
The IBM/Apple deal is opening new possibilities in AI
Expect smarter enterprises following IBM’s recent deal with United Airlines. The deal means the airline will be making more use of Apple’s mobile solutions, with numerous new apps for different purposes. I caught up with Heidi Fillmore, Executive Partners, Travel & Transportation Apple + IBM Product Lead.

How does IBM characterize its work with Apple?

“More than two years ago, Apple and IBM set out to change how people work and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” said Fillmore.

“Both Apple and IBM are uniquely positioned to create mobile apps that go deeper than basic employee tasks. It’s a complete mobile platform for business transformation.”

IBM and Apple announced plans to work together to develop sophisticated apps for enterprise users in 2015. The partners have moved forward rapidly since then. There are already over 100 industry apps for iOS and these are in use across hundreds of enterprises. Together, Apple and IBM are building a strong bridge into the lucrative enterprise IT market.  .... " 

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