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Friday, February 17, 2017

An Advisory Hub for Health Care

An idea that we discussed in some detail,  regarding advisory systems in health care.   Using popular advisory systems?  I like very much the idea of leveraging and especially sharing data among participants.  Regulatory issues abound.   Very worth following.

IBM's wearables hub could get you out of the hospital faster
The prototype device links to a host of wearables to gather health data for doctors  By Martyn Williams  

Researchers at IBM have developed a hub for wearables that can gather information from multiple wearable devices and share it with a doctor, potentially cutting down on the time patients need to spend in a hospital.

The gadget, which IBM has dubbed a 'cognitive hypervisor,' funnels data from devices such as smart watches and fitness bands into the IBM Cloud. There, it's analyzed and the results are shared with the user and their doctor.

The idea is that patients can be monitored reliably through the device so they can be sent home to recover from illnesses a day or two earlier than they might otherwise have been allowed. It also means that should a problem develop, a doctor can be alerted immediately and an ambulance dispatched if it's serious enough.

IBM demonstrated a prototype of the device in San Francisco on Tuesday.

"I am Chiyo, your new companion. During this time, please touch me to start," it said after powering up. "Every time you touch me, I will tell you about your status." ... " 

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