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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Using IBM Watson in Business

This oversimplifies the task of using a capability like IBM/Watson, but is still a good introduction. Non technical, suggestive as to the possibilities.   Also an excellent list of companies using Watson.  Pointers to more detail.  By William Vorhies in DSC:

" ... In our recent reviews of historical Watson and the modern Watson of today we concluded that IBM’s Watson Group may have the first or at least the current strongest comprehensive AI platform. 

 This is the first time that we know of that all three elements of AI have been brought together in a single user friendly platform: image processing, text and speech processing, and knowledge retrieval. 

This is not so much a platform for data scientist to use to expand the capabilities of AI as it is a platform for business users (with the aid of data scientists) to exploit the capabilities of modern AI by building new products and services.

To wrap up this review of Watson, we wanted to provide some thought-starters on what new services or even new businesses you might build on Watson.

Oh, and regarding new businesses, did we mention that developers who join the Watson Ecosystem are eligible to become a Watson “partner” with a shot at the $100 Million funding IBM is making available to startups plus support and access from IBM business and technology advisors. ... " 

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