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Monday, November 21, 2016

AllRecipes Launches 60K Recipes for Amazon Echo

Allrecipes launches a 60K recipe file skill for the Amazon Echo, and other Alexa driven systems and devices.    Great idea.  Certainly useful for potential hands-free activity of cooking.  I have yet to look at it.

But it brings up some general questions.  Just being hands-free is not enough for a voice driven cognitive system.   When you use recipes its not just about choosing and hearing a recipe.  Its about pausing while you perform a task.   Its also about scanning an ingredients list, considering adaptations, looking at a picture of what its supposed to look like.  None of these necessarily lend themselves to a sound and voice based system, unless the user interface supports typical cooking interactions.   We saw similar issues when planning maintenance type systems using augmented reality.

Will be checking out the Allrecipes Skill system.    And have more to say about the usefulness of the approach.   More on the announcement

( This was at first not available, but now as of 11/26/2016 is launched and working )

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