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Friday, November 11, 2016

Virtual Advertising

 An area we looked at when it seemed like virtual worlds would become common.   Augmentation can have an ad floating in front of us wherever we are.  In AdAge: 

Virtual Advertising: Uncharted Legal Waters  By Jim Gatto.

As augmented reality and virtual reality applications continue to proliferate, virtual advertising and related legal issues will grow too.

AR applications layer information or graphics on a real-world view. As such, AR could enable a virtual ad to cover advertisements that exist on billboards and other structures, or insert an ad where no real-life one exists. Both uses raise legal questions for creators and brands using AR technology.

In VR, scenes are often created to mimic real-world locations. Famous buildings and locations can be depicted, and virtual ads may be incorporated. Some of VR's legal issues mirror well-known ones, such as depicting actual products in movies, but there are new twists.  ... " 

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