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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SAP HANA and Amazon Echo

Have always been interested in how there might be practical business uses of voice driven assistant systems.  I am sure there are examinations occuring in industry to test the idea.  I happened on this post in the SAP blog, regarding how to link Alexa to the  SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and securing its use.   Technical.   Just an exploration, it seems, but a starting point.  Voice interaction can be an efficient channel for assistance.  Note though that a voice driven system is fundamentally insecure.

" ... In this blog I would like to discuss some aspects concerning securing an Amazon Echo device using the Alexa voice service and SAP HCP.

Let me set the scene – you are creating a voice interface using an Amazon Echo device.  For now you want the sales team to use the Echo device to retrieve customer information from Hybris C4C, maybe list customers and then get some internal order (budget/expense) information from SAP S/4Hana. ... " 

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