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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hololens Moving Towards Real World Applications Beyond Games

Saw today a video demo from a Dutch company called Wortell, which is a Microsoft partner developing 'practical' applications of the Hololens.

Using head mounted displays that let you see-through to the real world while navigating and interacting via gestures with augmenting objects. Comfort and ease of use are claimed to be much improved.  No motion sickness was discerned in the demonstration.

The demo can be seen at this Windows Weekly show, starting at about minute 33:50.  In English.

Includes a real time demo view of data using a feed from Schipol airport as a kind of air controllers view of the airport using gesture interaction.  Based on this you can see the potential for maintenance, design and data interaction applications.

The software is from Wortell, their web site is in Dutch at this time.

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