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Friday, November 18, 2016

Teaching Algorithms Right vs Wrong

Do we know what is right and wrong?   In obvious cases, yes, but am starting to wonder if the label can be much abused.  And the underlying mechanism,  hidden in an algorithm, is difficult to check or test.  So this appears to be a tough call for the average consumer.

Teaching an Algorithm to Understand Right and Wrong  by Greg Satell.  In the HBR.  Good discussion.
"  .... Today, as we enter a “cognitive era” of thinking machines, the problem of what should guide our actions is gaining newfound importance. If we find it so difficult to denote the principles by which a person should act justly and wisely, then how are we to encode them within the artificial intelligences we are creating? It is a question that we need to come up with answers for soon. .... " 

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