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Friday, November 18, 2016

AT&T Offers Limited Text Chat via Alexa

A first, integrating multiple communications channels via Alexa.  Here from AT&T.  Still quite limited, 10 contacts only, but I like the direction.   Closer to a more universal assistant.  Lets see better bot interaction with the chat.   I use hands-free calendar schedule set up frequently using Echo.  Now would like to see further VOIP and text capabilities hands-free.

Amazon’s Alexa will be able to send texts for AT&T customers starting tomorrow by Chris Welch

For when you’re “busy with your hands”

AT&T just announced that beginning tomorrow, its mobile customers will be able to compose and send text messages using Amazon’s Alexa assistant. So if you’ve got an Echo, Echo Tap, or Echo Dot somewhere in the house, you can ask Alexa to “have AT&T text” a contact’s name (Alexa can store up to 10), followed by your message. You’ve got to take that first step of adding people to the skill before Alexa can do anything; you can’t just call out the name of anyone in your contact list, for example. ... " 

Via Walter Riker.

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