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Friday, November 25, 2016

Making Wikipedia Visible

Intriguing challenge is how to make any data usefully visual.  Quant data has well established ways. Database structures have semantic networks.   Here is linking defined by hyperlinks within the Wikipedia.  How can we get value from these visualizations?   Some visual examples of Wikipedia at the link.

In the Wolfram Blog: by John Moore
Making Wikipedia Knowledge Visible

Over the past few months, Wolfram Community members have been exploring ways of visualizing the known universe of Wikipedia knowledge. From Bob Dylan’s networks to the persistence of “philosophy” as a category, Wolfram Community has been asking: “What does knowledge actually look like in the digital age?”

Mathematician Marco Thiel explored this question by modeling the “Getting to Philosophy” phenomenon on Wikipedia. “If you start at a random Wikipedia page, click on the first link in the main body of the article and then iterate, you will (with a probability of over 95%) end up at the Wikipedia article on philosophy,” Thiel explains. Using WikipediaData, he demonstrates how you can generate networks that describe this phenomenon.

He is able to document that about 94% of all Wikipedia articles lead to the “Philosophy” page if one follows the links as instructed, generating in the process some mesmerizing and elegant visualizations of the way that we categorize information.  .... " 

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