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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Disney Canvas for Storytelling

We long wanted to see something like this.  For the non artist to express themselves in stories.  Is it easy enough?   Something closer to storyboarding might be best.  Makes sense this would come out of Disney.

More Than Animation: Software Supports Animated Storytelling
EurekAlert (11/17/16) Jennifer Liu

Disney Research has developed CANVAS, a computer-assisted tool for creating narratives, and Story World Builder, a graphical platform in which people can create "story worlds" populated with characters and props. The new tools are designed to eliminate the distracting details encountered when telling animated stories, which can hamper creativity. With CANVAS, users can synthesize a three-dimensional animation to get feedback on the narrative at any point, and it also can work in the background to fill holes in the plot to ensure the story makes sense. Researchers presented CANVAS this summer at the ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation in Zurich, Switzerland. The researchers say Story World Builder simplifies the task of creating story worlds by leading the user through the process of defining characters and objects and of describing how events within those worlds unfold. Professionals as well as casual users could take advantage of the tools. "Our aim is to produce technologies to enhance the creative process," says Disney researcher Steven Poulakos. "We embrace several principles, including iterative design, reuse to minimize the cost of content production, and computer assistance to reduce complexity for creating story worlds and authoring stories."    .... 

More on this in Disney Research.

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