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Thursday, November 24, 2016

China Has an Echo-like Device

The basic idea continues to spread in the Smart Home.  I am continuing to test the Google Home in a formerly all Echo environment.   See my curated list of assistants.  Will there be a race to more useful home intelligence?

China now has an Amazon Echo-like device called the ‘LingLong DingDong’ by Bryan Clark  in TheNextweb: 

" ... The DingDong, made by LingLong (this is all very fun to say) costs just $118 and provides answers, plays music and audiobooks, and manages schedules much like Amazon’s Echo. It’s operated largely the same way, to boot. To wake the device, one of three commands will work: DingDong DingDong, Xiaowei Xiaowei, or BaiLing BaiLing. Once awake, it’s capable of doing much of what the Echo does, only it’s currently clearly lacking in developer support. So far, LingLong reports, customers are primarily using it to play music from a library of about three million songs. .. .. " 

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