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Monday, November 28, 2016

Bots as Filters and Beyond

Been examining the current uses and extent of bots,  Since our own experiments with bots we always looked at bots as a means to augment.

This Fortune article reminded me that they can also filter under dynamic contexts as well,  and driven by pattern recognition.   And the results could be much more subtle, and less noticeable than just blocking.   Good to remember.

Microsoft Confirms Its Chinese-Language Chatbot Filters Certain Topics   by Kevin Lui   

Xiaoice appeared to evade users’ questions deemed sensitive by China.
Microsoft’s  MSFT 0.13%  Chinese-language AI chat bot filters certain topics, the company confirmed Monday, although it did not clarify whether that included interactions deemed politically sensitive.

Last week, CNNMoney and China Digital Times reported that Xiaoice would not directly respond to questions surrounding topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese state. References to the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 or “Steamed Bun Xi,” a nickname of Chinese President Xi Jinping, would draw evasive answers or non sequiturs from the chat bot, according to the report. ... "  

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