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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Faces of Customer Education

So what is the best way?   Advertisements?  Blogs?  Twitter Streams?  Have been operating with all of these for some time,  but what is engaging and efficient?  Using which components?  Is it really just education?    Good breakdown.  In CustomerThink.

The Faces Of Customer Education: 3 Proven Strategies     by Larry Alton   

Customer education is a powerful tool. It can increase clients’ engagement with your company and its products, build relationships, and provide an added value component to your service.

It can also increase customers’ trust in your firm. But how can you offer education to your customers most effectively without coming across as pushy or making it seem as if they don’t know how to engage with your products?

Presenting valuable knowledge isn’t necessarily an easy task. Within the larger framework of customer education, however, there are a few strategies that seem to do well consistently, including on-site reference content, social media posts that directly engage customers, and podcasts.

Ultimately, it’s about finding ways to be friendly and helpful to onboard customers and track their training in a way they’ll hardly notice. Here are some ways to do that.  ... " 

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I know someone is saying, this can't be right - it's too easy. Being upfront and out there, informing the consumer, can only hurt when what you say what is a cover up.