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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chaos Theory in Games

Also relates to results in AI, which we discovered in creating and editing knowledge. Chaos theory in games.

  " ... In theory, programming a video game should be nice and mathematical, with each line of code following an ordered structure that produces straightforward, predictable effects. You tell the program to spawn a monster, it spawns a monster. But as game designs become more and more complicated, adding things like realistic physics and destructible environments, the outcome of an action is not always predictable, which can result in all kinds of unexpected glitches.

Veteran game developer Kevin Ryan attributes these unexpected outcomes to the butterfly effect, an element of chaos theory that says that very minor changes can cause a chain of events that result in a disastrous outcome. The butterfly effect is named for the common example of a butterfly flapping its wings, which results in subtle atmospheric changes that cause a hurricane hundreds of miles away. ... "  

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