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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Use Cases for an Internet of Many Things

Initial post in the Cisco Blog that looks at use cases for IOT.  An excellent start to address things like applications, security and standards.  What Cisco calls the Internet of Everything (IOE)  is also called the Industrial Internet.  From my perspective very useful in many kinds of supply and value chains. Broadly stated:

" ... The goal for any IoE use case is to connect people, processes, data, and things to improve a large and complex business function. For example, it’s easy to recognize that a manufacturing supply chain will benefit from greater connectivity among all of the players, processes, and components. Real-time data about the status of every point and item in production helps to improve efficiencies and proactively solve problems.

Yet IoE and big data can also inform human resources strategies so a company can better attract and retain top talent. And for IT, automated operations and regular review of data analytics make it easier to deliver services and improve their performance. ... "  

Links to a broader document.   Following.

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