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Monday, May 18, 2015

Hyper Personalization

Interesting startup direction ...  Reminds me of case based reasoning approaches ....

" .... Analytics passed a major milestone on the road to ubiquity last week with the launch of new capabilities that extend the reach of data-driven decisions even deeper into our digital lives. An up-and-coming startup called Jivox Inc. set the ball rolling with the introduction of an advertising platform that promises to provide the ultimate customized experience.

Dynamic Canvas,  as the new system is called, assembles pre-supplied graphics and copy into one of over 3,000 potential promotional formats based on the specific preferences of each viewer. Jivox gleans that information from a combination of metrics ranging from basic details such as age and gender to much more precise data points like local weather to produce what is touted as a much more through understanding of buyer expectations.   ....  "

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