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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Retailer Carrefour Leverages Store Beacons

Have worked some with global retailer Carrefour, and never thought of them as a technical innovation retailer, so interesting to see this development.  Article mentions they have done mobile Apps since  2012 and started beacons in 2014. A fairly detailed piece in Mobile Commerce Daily.

" ... Multinational retailer Carrefour recently saw a 400 percent increase in mobile application engagement thanks to beacons, pointing to the technology’s ability to significantly influence shoppers when paired with mobile coupons in a supermarket setting.

Carrefour teamed up with beacon provider Kontakt.io to roll out the technology in-store and send push notifications to consumers upon arrival, suggest products based on purchases made in the past and also display relevant coupons. In a seven-month period, the brand’s number of app users skyrocketed by 600 percent, while in-app time increased 400 percent, which fueled additional sales and streamlined shopping experiences. ... " 

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