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Monday, May 25, 2015

Daimler Testing Automated Truck Driving

In the BBC:  More on Daimler's work on automated truck van driving.  Includes a number of images of conveyances and their technology.  Will be a considerable advance in supply chains, once all the details are worked out.

" ... Earlier this month, the automotive giant was granted the first licence ever to test such a vehicle on a public highway by the US state of Nevada.

Using a combination of GPS, radar and video cameras, the Freightliner Inspiration can drive by itself on open stretches of road, freeing a driver to take breaks, check his emails and even watch DVDs.

The catch is that a qualified person must remain in front of the wheel at all times so they can take control if something goes wrong.

However, proponents say that the technology, once perfected, will reduce accidents by lessening the chance of human error, boost productivity and cut emissions. ...  "

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