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Friday, May 15, 2015

More on SocioPragmatic Text Models

Yesterday posted about the talk on SocioPragmatic text Modeling.   More has been published in the Cognitive Systems Institute Linkedin Group,    I quote some of my recent input below   This is a new kind of text classification modeling based on consumer cognition .

" .. Also mentioned in this talk, the potential use of this approach for market research. Suppose a subgroup is the collection of likely buyers of your product? Then classification based on this approach would predict sales. This is another example of 'non conscious' classification, like methods called 'neuromarketing', which often use electroencephalographic techniques, being used by some companies today to augment classic market techniques. This would be far cheaper to implement on more people, even in mobile environments. Using this with multiple languages could provide global reach, also a plus. Consider its use with Twitter streams.  There is real potential here. ... 

This Sociopragmatic method also relates to the 'User Modeling' Watson capability, now available free to test on Bluemix. That method claims a psychological, rather than social-linguistic classification basis. A comparison of the two methods value would be very interesting. Say with the same Twitter stream? Will bring this up with a retailer or manufacturer.  ... "

Hope there will be more input there, feel free to connect and join in.

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