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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Its About the Data

By data I don't just mean the mega enterprise warehouses in place today.  It also includes sensors, human input, text comments, business rules, the output of other analytics systems and much more.  In the enterprise the most difficult issue is often finding and integrating that data with the systems that need to use them.  Have experienced many such challenges.  This will be no different with Cognitive systems. The first question I often get is 'Do we have the data'?  Or I am left to discover they don't.

Positions the challenge:   " How can you knock down barriers to data access so you can anticipate and respond to opportunity? ".   It states the need well.  There then needs to be a 'Watson Data Integration' advisor to help with this process.

As an example, see this recent post about what Kraft is doing with data integration.  Unrelated to Cognitive, but a symptom of the same issue:    

A need for Chief Data Officers:

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