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Thursday, May 14, 2015

SocioPragmatic Models of Text Analysis

Mona Diab of GWU gave the CSI  talk today:

Towards Building Effective Computational Sociopragmatics Models of Human Cognition

Slides.   For talk recording, go here, and follow instructions using Replay ID: 471310086028

Though technical, the implications can be understood from the slides.

Excellent talk on the use of modeling to analyze text to better understand its meaning from a social and pragmatic - usage perspective.  Including alignment and participation in groups.   Detection and analysis of subgroups.  Looks at how this can be used for multiple languages.  Its use for marketing engagement was also mentioned and briefly discussed.   Sponsored by DARPA and IARPA

" .. Before joining GWU, Mona was Research Scientist (Principle Investigator) at the Center for Computational Learning Systems (CCLS). She is also co-founder of the CADIM group which is one of the reference points on computational processing of Arabic and its dialects.   Her Link.

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