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Monday, May 25, 2015

Building Foundational Enterprise Apps

Enterprise, Cognitive Apps needed. 

 In the early days of Apps we formed a team to look at what kinds of data and Apps could be linked to focus people on their jobs. It gets back to the job-task-microtask conversations we have been having here. When I heard about the work being done in the collaboration between Apple and IBM, it struck me that this was exactly what we were tasked with back then. So I have been following the list of the Apps as they evolve.

See the link above for a broad look at all of them to date. My only disappointment is the minimum of Cognitive, Watson-style examples so far. A real challenge.  Looking forward to more, especially ones that can perform tasks than can be factored into many different jobs. That way you get to leverage the data and logic to maximize value. Power augmentation. Keep them coming,

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