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Monday, September 29, 2014

Amelia Thinks like You

Emergence of more companies in the conversational advisory space.  IPsoft gets publicity in the WSJ today with their cognitive offering:  Amelia, a Machine, Thinks Like You ... She Can Solve Problems if Answer Is in Data She Gets....  With some interesting comparisions to Watson.  Includes a transcript of a conversation with Amelia.

"  .... incubated for the past decade at a privately owned, relatively obscure IT services firm called IPSoft—is different. She learns from textbooks, transcriptions of conversations, email chains and just about any other text. As long as the answer appears in the data she gets, she can solve problems.

IPSoft's main product is another bit of artificial intelligence, a software suite known for automatically resolving IT infrastructure issues known as IPcenter. A Gartner analyst wrote that IPSoft is a "stealthy newcomer," competing with the likes of IBM. IPSoft was founded in 1998 and has offices in nine countries ... "

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